All of my armor for Garrosh, primed, painted, and finished with a matte varnish! I kind of wish I would have gotten a semi-gloss for some pieces—and I still might get some, we’ll see—but I am pretty content with the matte look for now.

Today’s goal is to finish building onto the shoulder tusks, shoulder skull, and Gorehowl so I can have them primed and ready to paint. Then, I’ll work on all of the actual attachment devices for the armor. I technically need to have the majority of this cosplay finished for this coming weekend, as martymuses and I are doing a trial run at the Halloween themed weekend of the Texas Renaissance Festival.

silverruby gave me some great ideas for attaching the pauldrons to my shoulders and the tusks to the pauldrons, so I’ll need to go to the craft store (for like the 10th time literally haha) to find some lobster claw clasps.

(via biteythevillain)